Old Wounds

by Losing Skin



Originally released in limited 5 song CDEP form. Recorded and produced by Rusty Graeff at Randlerawk Studios in Tacoma, WA from 9/10-11, 2010.


released June 30, 2011

A. Boston - Vocals
B. Tibbetts - Drums
C. Grillo - Guitar
M. Johnston - Bass



all rights reserved


Losing Skin Spokane

Formed in 2009, based out of Spokane, WA.

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Track Name: Iron Rain
Teeth dance like daggers, tongues tipped with poison. Honesty drips from between Lilith's thighs, spilling guilt across the earth, scorching its plains. Empty things filling lifeless spaces, green-eyed demons filling sallow faces. These cities have tombstone shadows swearing they’re skylines. Slow death curling, snaking into ears. "I’m as naive as you are alive". (I'm not naive, you're dead inside).
Track Name: Iron Reign
A black hand falls, casts stones from the sky. Ears ring, sounding like trumpets. Victory bell cries piercing. An iron reign falls like stones from the sky. Impatience given tallow skin, bones burned with heat. Heat sweating memories, plucking at them restlessly in their body bags. Existence like dull knives twisting in your gut. Born of oblivion. Hellbound as yourself. An iron reign falls, separates flesh from bone.
Track Name: My Mind is a Steel Trap
Weight of the world between my shoulders. Millions of eyes burning through my skin. Bathed in cold sweat. I can feel the disgust in your look, see the way it curls your lips. And it makes me want to smash your plastic face into the fucking concrete.
Track Name: Lament Configuration
There's so much I wish I could tell you, it feels like my head could explode. And I'd bite clean through my tongue to keep the words from my lips, and spit the worst in your face to get you to leave. You've hung yourself so low, and my stomach fills with bile at the thought of you. You made your bed, lie in it. You made your bed, die in it. I wish I could time stamp my pupils. I'd rather pick at the scabs than add one more thumbnail sliver of moonlit night to my already heavy eyelids.
Track Name: I Am Ruin
I can feel it sinking in, my old familiar, rot-gut friend. Tonguing its disease between my ears, down my spine, and through my limbs. Sinking its teeth as I try to find a way through the fog of time. Through lifetimes of silence. Through lifetimes of self-doubt. My tongue's locked behind sharp teeth, only snapping for air, so as not to speak. My memory's a wasteland with mountains of lies, with failure and contempt filling its skies. I am ruin.
Track Name: Nails
Words spilling like tepid water. Words spilling like fetid shit. Opening old wounds, making them fresh and new. My nerves sing like wires, humming my insanity in three-part harmony. Like black ghosts across the paper. Ripping through dead flesh just to see if I can still feel anything at all. Opening old wounds with words that fall one after another on deaf ears. Another day, another phrase, another nail struck in my coffin. Another nail through my hands. Another nail through my feet. With words that fall one after another on deaf ears.
Track Name: The Mirror Reflects
Green turns to gray, gray fades to black. A world sapped of color, existence bled of life. The mirror reflects not of fleeting vanity. The mirror reflects vile unrest. Lifetimes of misdirection, of suffocating anger. Seething and tearing, tenuous flesh between teeth. The mirror reflects vile contempt. The mirror reflects soul-sucking darkness. Devouring whole. Insatiable.