I: Infinite Death

by Losing Skin

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Recorded and produced by Rusty Graeff at Sound West Studios in Tacoma, WA in November 2011. Instrumental tracks produced by Dan Ocean / Black Ceiling throughout the spring & summer of 2012.


released July 23, 2012

A. Boston - Vocals
B. Steward - Bass
C. Grillo - Guitar
C. Peterson - Drums

Additional instrumentation on "Torn Asunder", "Infinite Death", and "Eternal Return" by Dan Ocean / Black Ceiling



all rights reserved


Losing Skin Spokane

Formed in 2009, based out of Spokane, WA.

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Track Name: Black Celebration
Summer worn asphalt burned acrid death in my lungs. Killing time and pain on street corners in moonlight, buried our secrets with spray paint and stop signs. Severed youth in empty lots, on apartment floors painted with broken blind light. Pick through the pieces, pick them to pieces and making them whole. They all fall apart, they all fall into place. Passing through motions and cordial responses. Empty words on baited breath, eggshells and timid steps. A somber procession, in black celebration.

Rest in peace, Jeffrey Jonathan Kemmish.
Track Name: The Man Who Fell to Earth
My hands gave under mute and violent protest. My feet planted like seeds and I stretched my limbs, watching you grow and change without me. Look at me close. Tell me you don’t see your absence rotting inside of me. Listen to me close. Tell me you don’t hear the throe of this beat. I am the man who fell to earth. I come from nothing, I am no one. I am misery (you placed this crown of thorns upon my head but I chose to wear it).
Track Name: Destroyer's Crown
The sting dulls with age, its bite blinds and fades. The pain isn’t the same, but the scars remain. Heavy lies the head adorned with your destroyer’s crown. My head only sulks between my shoulders, seeking middle ground. There’s no rest for the wicked, and my eyes prey on the weary. I’m losing sleep and sanity covering tracks so frequently. Let my love into your soul; see my hate break your bones.
Track Name: Lockjaw
Picking through bodies and bones, looking for something to give a soul. I want to be swallowed by your earth, accept your hell reign o’er my head. Judecca welcome me, favored son among the lull. Cocytus restrain me, my eyes will weep.
Track Name: Neverender
The truth is I hope this hurts. I want to watch the pain and realization sear across and wipe that smug look from the lines in your face. I’ve worn this mask, faked these smiles, long enough to forget how they feel. Cut the edges of my mouth to mimic the perverse joy you found in sinking my soul, and in picking clean, my bones. Please tell me what I have left to atone and apologize for. My palms are skyward aching for holes. Pierce me with that martyring gaze, you always gave it so well; resembled hunter upon prey. I’m sitting here to pass the time, on this bridge bathed in violent light. Engulfed in its golden demise, howling like a madman, match in hand.
Track Name: Time Crawling By Me
I need you to stop trying to relate to every single thing I have to say. Believe me, you don’t understand, and I can still feel the wounds from where you cut me out of your life. My being marked with guided lines for you to sever, throw to the wayside. Doors swing like the reaper’s scythe, and the days won’t ever matter. I haven’t forgiven you. I should thank you for my loss of pride. I should thank you for my loss of faith. No anchors to weigh me, no chains shackle my feet. No hands to hold me, no gods in the sky.
Track Name: Tides of Acheron
Earth-shattering fits of whirlwind hysteria. Fluorescent bulbs tattooed to the insides of your eyelids. Wandering dim-lit haunts, digging for relics. You’re always digging for numbing antiquity. For another lie to hold and wrap yourself in sleep. One more night of throwing limp frames to concrete. Sinking into all of those things that drown in your mind. Chasing yesterday’s shadows down and down dark corridors. We’re the odds and out-of-sorts, severing ties.